Riane Eisler

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Intro von Elisabeth Sechser über Riane Eisler und deren Relevanz für Unternehmen vom 15. März. 2022, von 16:00 – 18:00 Uhr, bei unserem BetaCodex Meetup “demokratie unternehmen”  

It was a pleasure to create this small gift with some excerpts from her life’s work. We are very impressed that she has spent her life finding appropriate answers to many social and economic issues and making them available to the world.

A Thank-you for all her work to re-examine human nature to find misunderstandings and overcome harmful assumptions and patterns. Also for the work of changing society to create conditions in which our positive human capacities for caring, consciousness, and creativity can develop and flourish. In her work she has explored and provided important distinctions and underlying harmful and beneficial patterns that give us essential connections and opportunities for action for a healthy, strong society, economy and Mother Earth. Yes, we can move from Domination Systems to Partnership System because they are human creations. It is fascinating how much the BetaCodex fits and belongs together with Riane Eisler´s research-work and insights. Not following a top-down logic, the BetaCodex offers a great alternative to create quality, human work-places, to build high value creation companies, to overcome inhumane and incomplete patterns in organizations. Yes, we can change organizations from Alpha to Beta because they are human creations.