#23 “Let´s get swinging again” §9

Buurtzorg light: not an option! For this forecast episode (my first in English) I spoke with Jos de Blok, founder and CEO of Buurtzorg, while he was driving through the Netherlands in his car. How do you keep a company small and simple, even with 15.000 people on board?

What does it mean to put humanity over bureaucracy? What is the secret to building a company that consistently applies Great New Work principles? What does it take to create and sustain a high-performance organization that works for everyone: For employees, customers and owner, as well as for society at large? How did Buurtzorg manage to change the health care system in the Netherlands, and even public policies? And, finally, what is in it for other countries that are starting to apply the Buurtzorg model? Apart from discovering the Buurtzorg story, we discuss #Rhythm, which is the 9th law of the BetaCodex, with BetaCodex founder Niels Pflaeging. We talk about what it means to get companies swing, or grooving with their value creation. Niels talks about the beauty of rhythm and explains how our image of human nature is decisive for what’s possible in organizational transformation. So this episode is about bye-bye-management – and hello humanity!

As this is my 1st-ever podcast episode in English, please forgive me the imperfections. And please ignore the slight background noises in Jos´ car. You will find a lot of valuable content here which will help you design your company for complexity, and invite people to work together in self-organized  teams. In short: You will learn how to make #GreatNewWork possible!

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